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Why I am running to represent SA in the Senate  

It’s been a heart-wrenching decision for me run for the Senate because I have to step down as a State MP where I have had the privilege of representing you since 1997, not just on No Pokies but on a whole range
of other real issues that affect real people.

But it’s a decision I had to make.

I got involved in politics, because I have a passion for fighting for people, issues and causes that the major parties have largely ignored.

Last year – just a few months after the State election in which over 190,000 South Australians supported
me (thanks again if you’re one of them!) -  the High Court of Australia handed down its landmark decision on WorkChoices, which basically means any Federal Government can pretty well override any State laws.

And with the Pokies it’s clear this State government (just like the previous one) is hopelessly addicted and compromised by the $350 million a year it rakes in from Pokies taxes.

The last best hope to get massive and rapid change on the Pokies is to push in the Senate for change
– in Canberra where the Federal Government effectively controls the purse-strings and has the power to act.

And there’s another crucial issue I want to fight for in Canberra that is absolutely critical to the future of our State – water. The Eastern States have hung SA out to dry- with the Murray facing its greatest crisis ever.
I want an opportunity to push (and shove!) for the SA’s interests when it comes to our water security. Unlike others, I won’t be toeing a party line – I’ll be there to squeeze the best deal for SA,
not just on water but on all issues.

I know I’m up against it. The big parties and vested interests like the gambling lobby would love to see the back of me.  But if elected I can give South Australia a loud, clear and uncompromising voice in the Senate.
I know I can do more in Canberra and get results for SA.

If you can help, please sign up to hand out How to Vote cards on election day or even make a donation.





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