Media Releases 2005

December 15, 2005
SA's Egg Industry Crisis

December 16, 2005
Mobil Under Pressure: Questions that must be answered over leaking pipes at Mobil's Birkenhead storage facility

December 1, 2005
Historic asbestos legislation passed by Parliament today

November 28, 2005:
Asbestos laws: urgent plea for bipartisan support

November 20, 2005
Smokescreen Lifted:  29 year old hotel worker who survived a horrific passive-smoking cancer, won his landmark case by risking everything- after refusing to be gagged by the insurer.

November 16, 2005:
Busted - State Government's secret amphetamines trial

November 16, 2005
SA's asbestos laws are a dying shame November 1, 2005 - Too many ifs and butts
in new smoking laws October 31, 2005 - Push for SA to follow Swedish System of Mandatory Drug Rehab 

October 27, 2005
Oh Mon(ey) Cherie - fallout from Cherie Blair's ‘Charity Fundraising Tour’

October 25, 2005
Top Forensic Psychiatrist reveals the shocking link between drug use and mental illness

October 11, 2005
Community to have a say over plan for southern Pokies Palace

October 10, 2005
Revealed: the alarming secret report on SA's fuel supplies we weren't meant to see

October 7, 2005
Ministers should 'ban' together on pokies ATMs

October 5, 2005
Running on Empty - State 'one ship away' from a fuel crisis

September 9, 2005
Call to use post - war pricing powers to put squeeze on big oil

August 22, 2005
TAB's luck might run out with its latest ads

August 3, 2005
Call to ban Tamagotchi toy 'pet' with a (pokies) sting in its tail

July 11, 2005
Police and medicos response to Pooraka party nothing to rave about

July 6, 2005
Pollies' Gravy Train Steams Along - MP's super to save taxpayers over $1 million
in super payout

July 5, 2005
Government plays dumb over pokies Smart-Cards

June 30, 2005
Pokies unplugged mustn't short circuit gambling reform

June 25 2005
Stirling walks over hot coles issue

June 8, 2005
New group 'Grandparents For Grandchildren SA' holds its first public forum

May 17th, 2005
Nick Xenophon moves amendments to accelerate licence loss for speeding drivers

May 5th, 2005
Nick Xenophon demands Minister to direct Lotteries Commission
to withdraw game that targets kids

April 28th, 2005
Nick Xenophon labels the Federal Government's approach to gambling as 'tragic'

April 15th, 2005
Nick Xenophon visits the Adelaide Central Market to help the Australian Homeopathy
Association to celebrate  World Homeopathy Awareness Week. 

April 12th, 2005
Families and Communities Minister Jay Weatherill misleads the public
in a statement about the Gamblers Rehabilitation Fund

April 7th, 2005
Law to require priests to report child abuse passes first hurdle

March 18th, 2005
Severely ill melanoma patients are being denied potentially life-saving treatment
while the State Government dithers over a measly $100,000

March 16th, 2005
SA Government anti-smoking ads don't go far enough
to counter the pro-smoking message of some films 

March 15th, 2005
No Pokies MLC Nick Xenophon criticises the Australian Hotels Associations plan
to employ seven ‘Responsible Gambling Officers’ to visit pokies venues with a view to identifying problem gamblers

February 28th 2005
Nick Xenophon asks questions in parliament over Government inconsistencies
regarding Gamblers Rehabilitation funding.

February 22nd, 2005
No Pokies MLC Nick Xenophon has lashed out at the State Government
for “conning South Australians” over urgently needed extra funding for Gamblers Rehabilitation

February 13th, 2005
Tickets scalpers will be targeted in proposed legislation which will be introduced
in State Parliament this week by Nick Xenophon 

February 9th, 2005
Nick Xenophon to introduce legislation in response to public concern
over amounts actually raised from charity events for charity

February 8th, 2005
The State Treasurer has been accused of borrowing from master conjurer
David Copperfield’s bag of tricks with the land tax cuts announced yesterday

February 1, 2005
No Pokies MLC Nick Xenophon has challenged the Rann Government
to go “much, much further” to tackle problem gambling  

January 25th, 2005
Move to close loophole to make Housing Trust liable for rogue tenants

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